Thursday, July 1, 2010

Some Goals

I have been reading through a co-workers needlework blog. She does beautiful work, but she has the same problem I have. She loves stash. She and I agreed that we both have SABLE. I don't know if she is still doing it (I started at the beginning and am only into 2006) but for a while anyway she was setting goals to try to finish off WISPs, limit new starts and slow the growth of stash. It seems a wonderful idea. So, I took a look at my UFOs, WISPS, and the fact that I am in a challenge to create 25 tatted items in a year. Then I took a deep breath and forgave myself (I may need to drink a bottle of nice wine to help forgive myself, but don't have any in the house.)

My confession. Counting the 15 tatted items left to do, I have over 100 started projects. Next problem, I have no children to leave these treasures too. If I did they probably wouldn't want them anyway. What's a girl to do? Maybe go buy that bottle of wine? nope, that probably won't solve the problem. Well then, let's set some goals. Finish the 25 motif's for tatting (15 left, I'll get the next 4 posted after work) then, I will try to finish off at least 10 more projects by December 31. So I made a list of things I would like to have finished. Since there are only 6 months left out of this year, many of the things I choose are almost finished, some are completely stitched and just need some sort of finishing. So hear, in no particular order is my goal list of crafts I want to finish by the end of 2010.

1. 25 motif challenge (15 left)
2. Noro yarn sweater. (just need to hem sleeves and body of sweater) WISP
3. Yo-yo coverlet. (I have enough yo-yos to make a lap size coverlet) UFO
4. Sampler (just need to finish the border and stitch my initials and date) WISP
5. Fingertip towel (just need to back stitch the cross stitching) UFO
6. Coat sweater (most of this still needs to get knitted, but the yarn is in my living room easy to get to and it is super bulky yarn so should knit up fast)
7. Cape Cod needlepoint. (A small 4x4 or so picture that just needs the finishing details added, then finishing off) UFO
8. Chrysanthemum pillow (needlepoint pillow that just needs to be assembled-I have everything but the stuffing) UFO
9. Seashell Pillow - all stitched UFO
10. Country Cottage (cross stitch picture that just needs framing) UFO
11. Christmas Angel (cross stitch that I will turn into a pillow) UFO
12. Star Angel (cross stitch that I will turn into a pillow) UFO
13. Praying Angels (cross stitch that I will turn into a pillow) UFO
Numbers 9, 11-12 need fabric backing and stuffing but are all stitched awaiting finishing
14. Hummel cross stitch. Frame or turn into pillow? If it becomes a pillow I'll finish it with the others, if it needs framing I need to save up and pay cash for the framing. UFO
15. Finish off cross stitch Christmas ornaments. WISP
16. Tuck in loose ends, starch and create hangers for tatting that will become Christmas ornaments.
17. Sachets. (all crocheted, just need to stitch up bags for scents, find scents and add finishing.) UFO

The list looks VERY ambitious to me, but I think some of the finishing can be done in batches and that will go quickly.

Anyone else make lists or goals?

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agasunset said...

Long list but you can do it! I know you can!
I always make lists but I am a girl of instant gratification and if something can't be done in one to two days it's usually never finished, so my lists contain mostly my next ideas. Unfortunately I think faster then tat, so all my future project have to be written down or I will forget them :))