Monday, June 28, 2010

excuses excuses

Just stopping in for a bit to apologize for lack of pictures and lack of posts. I think I have one project completed and ready to scan/photograph and another two that are almost there. Allergens are pretty bad in this part of the country right now, and when you combine that while watching anime in Japanese with the subtitles since I've forgotten what little Japanese I knew not much tatting has happened. And it seems I have had to cut out almost as much as I have tatted. Plus my delightful orange tabby helper has been around to taste and tangle the threads. I will try to get some pictures to post soon though. Not sure if it will happen tonight as I need to run errands and mow the rest of the lawn, and housework. All these things I should be doing but it just cuts in too much to the tatting time. Well, it is time for work, everyone have a wonderful day.

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