Monday, June 28, 2010

excuses excuses

Just stopping in for a bit to apologize for lack of pictures and lack of posts. I think I have one project completed and ready to scan/photograph and another two that are almost there. Allergens are pretty bad in this part of the country right now, and when you combine that while watching anime in Japanese with the subtitles since I've forgotten what little Japanese I knew not much tatting has happened. And it seems I have had to cut out almost as much as I have tatted. Plus my delightful orange tabby helper has been around to taste and tangle the threads. I will try to get some pictures to post soon though. Not sure if it will happen tonight as I need to run errands and mow the rest of the lawn, and housework. All these things I should be doing but it just cuts in too much to the tatting time. Well, it is time for work, everyone have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Motifs 5&6

This is Quantisque Snowflake
It was done in size 20 Lizbeth Thread, but I forgot what the color is called. The first 2 rounds were quite fun to tat, and then they are interwoven so you get a 'celtic' effect. The third ring is tatted onto ring 2. I had troubles starting with that 3rd round, but after a bit I seemed to figure it out and most of round 3 went easily as well. (No, I'm afraid it isn't Jelly Bean #119, I'm using that now for another project. I went to look it up online and it is Carousel, but Jelly Bean is very similar.)

Below is 'Elegant Snowflake' from Vida Sunderman's book, Tatted Snowflakes. I used a size 20 Lizbeth thread for this motif as well, the same that I used for the foldover book mark which was motif 4. I still haven't looked up the name of this color. (Vineyard Harvest -- thanks to Paige Marie for the info)

Now I am almost caught up to posting my tatting, I have one more motif that I need to photograph. I am having trouble getting photos that are not blurry. I suppose practice there will even things out, just like practice with tatting will help to even it out. On and speaking of evening things out, I'm using the base of the crochet hook that I use to join picots as my picot gauge as well. I didn't think I would like them this large, but it turns out I am really liking the larger picots.

(Thanks for the help with colors people!)
(all in parenthesis are added edits)

Some questions

I'm on my lunch and don't have time to post my pictures, will try after work. But I do have some questions. I've been away from the tatting world for a while and just coming back. I am seeing a bunch of references to Tatting Tea Tuesday(?) or something similar. What is this. I love to tat, and I love tea it seems like tatting and drinking tea on Tuesdays would be a delightful pass-time.

Next up, I was playing with the changes we can make to our blogs. I'm liking what I have chosen, but for those few who follow, what do you think? I'm worried about it being hard to see the print and it being hard to read.

Next, last night I started 'Entertainment Doily' by Celtess. I am not finding her blog or website, can anyone point me to it?

And now lunch is over and I am back to work.


Friday, June 11, 2010

No pictures yet

I have been tatting, I just don't have anything finished to show. Ends still need to be tucked in, and some need pressing to hold their shape. I also have a full weekend so I don't know if much tatting will happen, but I do hope to tuck in those ends and have some pictures. Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Motif 4

I finally got something tatted that I thought was worthy to give to my mother. It was late for Mother's Day, but I didn't have anything that I felt was good enough for her. At least 2 other people have made this bookmark for their 25 motif challenge and after the first one I saw tatted up I knew why. It is beautiful, well theirs are beautiful. It was designed by Jon Yusoff and her pattern page is here. This is the foldover bookmark. I actually had kind of a hard time tatting
this. I had to redo the bottom part twice. The rings are all close to the same size, but I need to work on pulling up the chains so they are all even, and the picots, well I really need to make up some picot gauges to get them close to even.

I finished tucking in ends on the Sunday before Memorial day and gave it too her that day. It was photographed with the book she was reading.

I then spent the rest of the day with her, watching old war movies on Turner Classic Movies, and tatting on another pattern by Jon Yusoff. I did get all the tatting done, but now it needs to have its ends tucked in and it needs to be blocked.

Yesterday all my tatting attempts ended up in the scrap bin, but there are just days like that. I don't know if I'm the only one who has them, but even if I am I refuse to be upset and depressed about it! Hopefully soon I'll have another motif ready to show!