Saturday, July 24, 2010

Crafting happened, but where are the pictures?

Hi all,
I was so excited, Mom switched from dial-up internet to broadband, so I could just go to her house, visit and do my blog entries there. I am in the dark ages and don't even have dial up at my house. I've been doing my blogging from work, but off work hours. Well, I may be back to that. Mom's computer seems to be lacking in USB ports, so uploading pictures is a problem. I'm going to mess with my USB sticks, and her USB ports and maybe get both of us an external USB docking thingie so we can use all the peripherals easier. You can tell I am really up to date with all the computer lingo and such. Oh well, as long as my tolerant salesperson at the computer place can understand what I am asking for.

So anyway I haven't done much in the way of stitching or tatting, and I have pictures that I cannot upload of what little I have accomplished. The reason being, I got the rest of the DVDs for my favorite anime series. I had been putting off purchasing them as DVDs are expensive and I didn't want to spend the money. BUT, had a great sale on all 8 that I didn't have yet, so I ordered them. Well once they came in I had to watch them. Plus I watch TV, and Movies almost exclusively in the language they are created in, and I am pretty mono-lingual so no hand work just reading subtitles. Anyway it was an after work and weekend marathon for the last 2 weeks. The anime in question is Saiyuki -- all three series plus the one movie that I can find commercially available in the United States. That is 101 episodes at about 23 minutes each, plus the movie, don't remember running time on it. The first 50 episodes I have seen often enough that I can stitch through them, and I even remember enough Japanese that I sometimes argue with the translations. The last 51 episodes I still have to just watch. Now if I can just get a hold of the other movie and the 2 OVAs I can loose more stitching time.

I did get another ornament tatted, and some cross stitching done on a couple of pieces. I have pictures taken, but alas will not be uploading on this post. I hope to get the pictures up soon.

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