Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pictures finally!

Sorry for such blurry pictures, but blurry or not
I've been promising pictures of what has been
tatted and so here they are.

This first picture is the circle in a square motif
designed by Rozella F. Linden the pattern is in her book "Easy Tatting". I tatted it in size 10 ecru cebelia. It is motif #7 in the 25 motif challenge.

Here is a re-do of Jon Yusof's foldover bookmark.
I used Lizbeth Vinyard Harvest again for this bookmark. I tend to tat while watching television and so in addition to plain old needing practice to get things even, I need less TV time and more attention as I tat to keep things even. This is motif # 8.

I didn't have any patterns with me at the time so I just started re-tatting this book mark cross from Rebecca Jones' book "Complete book of tatting" This is done in cebelia size 80. I don't know the name of the colorway. This makes Motif #9. Oh, and the book, It was given to my by my Aunt on my 7th birthday. It was embossed with her name and I don't know for what occasion she received it. The book is just a few years older than I am. I thought the little cross bookmark was too small to use as a bookmark, then I remembered it would be perfect for this prayer book!

And last is motif #10. The
Entertainment Doily by Celtess whose website I cannot find to link you to the pattern. It is done in size 20 Lizbeth Jellybean. Not only did I tat most of this in front of the TV, I was watching shows with subtitles so even less attention than normal was paid to the tatting as I tried to read fast enough to keep up with the shows. The very inner ring was done without distractions and you can certainly tell the difference between that ring and the 3 outer ones. Oh well, I doubt I will quit crafting in front of the television anytime soon. And since I don't plan to sell these they don't have to be perfect. It is hobby time.

Now to go on a bit more from the previous post on goals. I said I was going to list ten things to finish off this year, and then proceeded to list 16. Well, I was going to just commit to 10, but as I looked I upped it to 17. Right now I am working on the Yo-yo coverlet and will continue to Tat. I hope to get at least one motif tatted per week. As for all the items on the list, they may change as mood/whimsy strikes me, but I do intend to finish off either these 16 items, or some like items rummaged from my hidden supply of UFOs and WISPs.

Now I have the weekend off, I will be away from the computer and I wish any browsers a wonderful weekend!

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