Thursday, October 11, 2007

Maybe Today

No tatting last night. Got the book finished for book club though. It was "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan". I really enjoyed the book, but I hate forced reads. I must start reading next months book at least a week ahead of time instead of only 2 days.

We are having strange and bad smells where I work. They are renovating the library I work in, and well, there are just too many books to move out so that we can work elsewhere while noises and smells and bumps and shudderings go on. They put down concrete sealer yesterday. I think that was what it was anyway. It smells really bad though. I took vacation and left early yesterday and plan to do so again today. I'm working my public desk hour right now and the rest of my work is behind the scenes so I won't be missed if I'm out for a few days.

Anyway, I plan to put the vacation time to good use and Tat! Well, I'll tuck in the ends of the awareness ribbons and try to get them blocked and the stiffening stuff on them. I'll need to go find some small pins for the back, or magnets. I think they need to be refrigerator magnets because they are so big. My mom says it is okay for a pin.

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