Wednesday, October 17, 2007

False Starts and Finishes and Cats

Well, I was quite disjointed last night and feel like not a lot got done on anything. I did a bit of laundry, some dishes, heated up leftovers, tried to start practicing a few embroidery stitches, tried to finish a video game, and then tried to tat. I'm not sure if I'm going to rip out that last bit of tatting or not. My uneven tension came back, big time. I was just too tired to be doing anything right. When I get home from work I'll look at it with fresh eyes and see if it is as bad or worse than I currently think it is. At least the really bad part is where I stopped so there won't be a whole lot of lost time if I rip it out. Also, one of the joys of needle tatting over shuttle tatting, is that it is a lot easier to rip out mistakes, well if you catch them soon enough anyway. I still hate to loose the time spent, but at least the motif is not a waste like it is when I have a big goof in shuttle tatting.
Anyway, just because here are some pictures of my furbabies. This is Banichi at about 6 months old. He's 3 1/2 now. He has that wonderfully regal granting an audience look to him here.

This is Motoko and Leo when they were about 4 months old. This is from the weekend I adopted them a little over a year ago. Leo is the orange kitty, and Motoko is the Gray one. Isn't that a sweet expression on her face.

And these are my favorite pictures of Leo and Motoko. This was last Holloween. They had to stay inside while Banichi and I were on the porch handing out candy. As you can see, they were not pleased with that arrangement. I need to get new pictures of all three of them.

They are also great craft helpers, they make sure that the threads taste good, and that there are lots of knots and tangles to keep me busy.

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LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Banichi has the same look on his face that my Raku usually has!
Pets are wonderful!