Tuesday, September 28, 2010

TTT and fleas :-(

Today is tatting tea Tuesday. No tea for me tonight didn't have any during the day either. No beer for tatting beer Tuesday, I think it will be tatting milk or tatting water Tuesday in my neck of the woods. I hope to get some tatting done. I discovered last night that my cats have fleas. Major bummer. I'll be stopping by the vets and picking up remedies on my way home from work. Hopefully I'll have a little bit of tatting to tell you about tomorrow, but if not it will be because I have to comfort traumatized kitties.

poor furbabies.


Jane Eborall said...

Do you want a tatted flea to cheer you up?

victats@gmail.com said...

Oh No! My cats had fleas really bad last fall and then got them again this spring. Jane's fleas will definitely scare them away (the fleas not the cats)

Gina said...

My cats have been on flea meds since last December. It gets expensive but I hope when I bring my two in this fall that they will all be flea-free and I can discontinue it for the winter.

I wanted to comment on the tension headache you mentioned in relation to tatting. How is your lighting? How are you sitting? If you're squished into a corner of the sofa leaning into a light, that's half your problem right there. LOL! Hope you got it all sorted out and good luck with the fleas.