Friday, September 17, 2010


Only a little tatting today and no pictures of that to show. I had a doctors appointment yesterday, just a routine med review and a documenting of various aches and pains. I did get some exercises to do that may help with the tension headaches I get occasionally, very occasionally, once every few years type. It’s probably the same type of exercise everyone else gets to do for that type of headache. Things to stretch out the muscles in the neck and shoulders. I never though to try those as I never seem tense there, I just get this weird random muscle over my skull that starts spasming. Bad news is she said the tatting may actually be causing some of the tension. I will choose not to believe her and assume that some other life matter is causing the damage. After all, tatting and other hobbies are to relax us! After the appointment I took vacation. The last of the big trees in my yard came down the night before (Wed. night) That was an adventure in itself. My neighbor who has been helping me made all the cuts. The tree was set to go down in an angle to the south east. I saw the cuts, I know a teeny tiny bit about physics, that tree should have gone down to the south east. Nice neighbor started making more cuts and again I checked, tree should go down to south east, but it started sliding off to the southwest. Neighbor didn’t believe me, after all, those cuts should have sent it the other direction. He kept cutting and sure enough tree went down south, south west. He got out of the way in time, and the tree missed the 2 trees I wanted to keep and the house. The very top tips brushed the electrical wires coming down. Gravity and strange angles of the tree that appeared to be going pretty much straight up conspired against us. Thank goodness no one was hurt. No electricians needed, and no houses or fences damaged. Here are some pictures of the downed tree. Sorry if pictures are grainy, they were taken by my trusty phone.

It is now fire wood, or in sacks and barrels ready to go to the city compost. Neighbor and I are down to cutting the stumps as close to the ground as possible, then using stump killer, or salt water to try to prevent recurring growth. I need to get around to the parts of the yard I could never get to before and pick up all the trash that is there. That trash has been there for longer than the six years I’ve lived there. It is rather appalling the amount of trash that was allowed to hide in that yard. Off the top of my head I can tell you there are car parts, parts of campaign signs, clothes, rags, odd chunks of cement, broken glass, tin and aluminum cans, Styrofoam, and plastic containers. I may have to take a couple of pictures of just the trash as it comes out of the yard, but that may not get posted, it may actually be rather revolting.

Don’t know how much I’ll get to/feel like tatting this weekend either. A friend is remodeling her bathroom and I’ve promised to help. She needs to get most of the tiling done on the floor and I think counter tops before plumber comes to install the new toilet and whatever other plumbing needs to get done. the electrician has already been there. This weekend while I help her I am hoping to learn how to tile, I also plan to fetch and carry things for her so she can concentrate on getting the work done, and maybe make some food for lunch. In fact I’m planning on making her onigiri for lunch. In case you don’t know, onigiri is a traditional Japanese dish, riceballs. You make up sushi rice, and frequently hide a little surprise inside. I like teriyaki salmon or umiboshi for the insides. Umiboshi is pickled plums. You can also just season the rice and not have fillings. It is the sort of food that we cannot get in restaurants here in the great plains states. Anyway the remodeling friend loves onigiri, but never takes the time to make it for herself. And shouldn’t one have a food they really love when they are working hard?

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