Monday, November 12, 2007

Pictures Finally

I finally have some scans of my tatting. So here in all its glory, I present to you: twisted picots, wildly uneven tension, thread so soft it needs to be blocked and stiffened, and ends needing to be tucked in. Oh, and lots of stray cat hairs too. They will be happy to know that their contribution made it into this post.
Motif 5
This first piece is from the Tat-along project. This is Base motif number 2. This is the motif with the twisted picots, and well even more obvious is the uneven tension. I just need to take some time to tuck in the ends. Then I will stiffen it and use it for a Christmas ornament on the back of the tree to fill in space and not waste the thread and time.

Needle tatted.

Motif 6
This Albino Bat is from Mark Myers site. Again with uneven tension and loose ends. I'll probably attach him to something. I will say it looked much better after I ironed it, now it is at least recognizable as a bat.

Needle tatted.

Motif 7
One X from the Cecelia Doily. This is one of my old threads from when I was going to crochet a whole bunch of bookmarks. The Thread is nice and soft and even after ironing it will not hold its shape. I plan on making as many Xs as I can from this ball of thread and making a doily. Probably a rather small doily.

Needle tatted.

Motif 8
I cannot find the website for this motif at the moment. I'll have to look it up at home and see if I can at least find the name of the designer. Again the thread is very soft, and this motif will end up being attached to something else so it can hold it's shape. The designer is Lisa C. Trumble, and it can be found at this website.

Needle tatted.

Motif 9.
Another motif from the tat-along project. This is motif is my variation on the first motif. More of that soft soft thread. Again this motif will probably just get stitched onto something else so that it can hold its shape.

Needle tatted.

Motif 10.
these are so small I'm counting the 2 of them as one motif. This is thread from a friends step-mother-in-law, or that woman's mother. We aren't sure exactly. They are just doodles that I needle tatted, and each motif used up what was left on a spool of thread. I didn't use a pattern for these, but I do know that a clover and a daisy are far from original. I just made up the counts as I went along and used up the thread. These will also become part of something else, some day.

So, now I am caught up on posting my tatting and moving along on my tatting adventure. I hope to be able to credit the creator/designer of the triangle pattern very soon. However if anyone knows off the top of his/her head, please let me know so that proper credit can be given. Found it, Lisa C. Trumble, her website is listed above.


Ira said...

just a beautifuk work. You motifs very lovely.

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Aren't pictures wonderful!
Keep up the good work!

Melissa said...

Oh wow! You are doing awesome with your tatting!

Jane Eborall said...

Great start. Keep up the good work.

Kelly said...

Thank you all for your encouragement. It does help and inspire me to keep going, especially when I look at these little piles of shapeless thread that I have spent hours over. And then the fact that such talented and creative people are taking the time to read ramblings from a novice -- you are all so generous, thank you!

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Wow! You've been busy! Everything looks great!

Sarah said...

Don't fret too much over your twisted picots- I twisted the majority of the chains in my latest project.:( And I'm convinced that no matter what I do to keep fur out of my tatting, it'll wind up in it anyway.
I was surprised to see that all the motifs were needle tatted -my needle tatting never looks that nice. Good Job!
Happy Tatting!

Vivian said...

Your tatting is amazing!
My grandmother used to make edgings for my dresses.

TattingChic said...

This is lovely! Nice work! :)