Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Blog Roll

Okay, my blogroll is probably a weird thing to blog, but what the heck. At this point, these are all the blogs that I subscribe too. I use the Bloglines service for this. I check bloglines every morning, and they have done a search and let me know which blogs have been updated, and they provide the postings, either partial or in full -- your choice. Then I can go to the individual sites and browse around, read or leave comments, and see what blogs other people have linked too. It is a wonderful service. If you are forgetful like me, or just plain busy it is a wonderful tool.

The crafting sites: Embroidery, Tatting, and Crazy Quilting these sites are loaded with patterns and or inspiration.

Other Blogs: Well, just that, other blogs.
  • The Criss Library is where I work, information that is a must have for any of us in the Criss Library who work a public service desk. If you don't work there, you probably don't care.
  • The Pump Handle, because I am woefully uninformed about the goings on in the world. This is one way I can at least get the headlines on a topic I care about, my fellow human beings.
  • Horror Movie a Day. Hard to explain, not the blog, but why I read it. The blogger watches a horror movie every day, then talks about it, like he is talking to a friend. It isn't a review it is more of a conversation. I don't even watch many horror movies, but I love this blog. Warning-He uses rough language.
  • My other blog, is where I blog on non-craft things, probably where this entry should go but oh well, the lines between the two are so blurred now anyway that there is probably no hope.
  • Any other blogs there at this point are friends, virtual or real-world that have blogs. Not that those who write the crafting blogs are not friends and potential friends, they just have a more focused blog.


Tattycat said...

I am so pleased and honored to be included in your blog roll! Thanks. I need to look into this so I can get updates like you are talking about.
And, I am going to add a link to your blog right now.

Kelly said...

Thank you so much first for the inspiration you provide in posting your lovely work, and also all the encouragement you have given. I love how giving and nice and encouraging you all are. Thank you also for including me in your blogroll, I am so thrilled to be included.

Tattycat said...

You are welcome!

Tattycat said...

Catherine, if you don't mind me having your email address, would you email me at lblanton2750@charter.net so that I can ask you some questions about the blogline services?

BC said...

Thanks for including me (and being one of ones who get the writing style)! I may even use that last bit (Warning) when I update the little 'blurb roll' on the banner... ;)