Friday, November 2, 2007

Cats and Quilts

Cats are attracted to quilts. I've never met a cat who wasn't. I don't know the reason, but I'm sure there should be a universal law about it. Once upon a time I was embroidering white flour sack dishcloths. I was told that the embroidery was too pretty and ornate to be dishcloths, I should make it a quilt. Then as I dutifully did as I was told and started making a quilt I was told that it should be a queen-sized quilt, because then it would work as a bed spread for my double bed. Seeking approval I embroidered enough squares for a queen-sized quilt. 24 squares, plus borders. Only 4 squares are quilted. I dug it out of it's box too have a look, that's more quilting than I thought I had done. I'm rather wishing now I had not been so easily led, and such an approval seeker, but it will make a pretty quilt if I ever get it done.

So anyway, I spread it out on my living room floor to have a good look at it. My living room is almost empty because I'm working slowly on finishing that room. Finishing off the ceiling, painting and wall papering, so the furniture is all in my dining room. Lots of room on the living room floor. I sit down on the love seat (that is in the dining room, blocking any use of my dining table) to have a good look at it. The cats find the quilt. One promptly sits on it to have a bath, the other two circle around it for a bit. Suddenly the quilt becomes a mat or a ring, and the cat version of WWW occurs in my living room on that quilt. All the kitty wrestling must happen on the quilt. If a cat leaves the quilt for any reason the wrestling stops. It was quite entertaining, and I watched for some time thinking I was justified in not having cable.

And as I look over this blog and think about all the craft work I have, all those UFOs, and all the possibilities for more UFOs I'm thinking maybe the blog name should change from Catherine's Tatting Attempts to Catherine's Crafting Attempts. I'll think about it, I'll only change it if the addy can stay the same.

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Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

I've wondered about my blog name too! Right now my crafting materials and UFOs are spread throughout 4 rooms of my house... two of those rooms qualify as my craft rooms, one is my dining room (I guess I should clear it out so that we could eat at the table), the other is my bedroom (a natural in my opinion). I ran across a blog (can't find it now) where the blogger committed to finishing one project before starting each new project... that could keep me busy for a very long time!