Sunday, April 5, 2009

Stitch Dictionary Search

I have been making progress on stitching, but I don't have pictures with me to upload today. A little more progress had been made on the coaster set, and with any luck I should almost finish the sixth coaster on my first coaster set later today.

I have been spending most of my stitching time working on the band sampler. I have several stitches added so far. I've checked out a couple of books from the public library and finding all sorts of new stitches. I suspect at some point I will be looking for a new stitch dictionary. My current dictionary has about 230 stitches which will certainly keep my busy for a while, but the library books are showing all sorts of stitches not in my book. This is part of why I am checking books on the subject out of the library. Kind of a drive before you buy kind of deal, which is the best, how can I get the most bang for my buck?


sharonb said...

Hi Cathrine
I have dozens of stitch dictionaries and the biggest has about 400 stitches in them. I once decided to collate all the stitches in a spread sheet and found out that if you count all the surface stitches, pulled and drawn thread, canvas work stitches and specialised stitches that you use in silk ribbon embroidery, stumpwork etc there are over 1200!

Kelly said...

1200 stitches! Wow, a quest to track down all those stitch instructions!