Sunday, April 12, 2009

Band Sampler Bands 1-5

Here is the start of my band sampler. I started it on Marcy 26 2009. The band is cut 10 inches wide and I'm using a 1.5 inch seam allowance so the stitching width is 7 inches. The fabric is Monaco by Charles Craft in glass blue.

My first band is Algerian Eye stitch. I used 2 strands of DMC cotton floss for this stitch. I learned several things working on this stitch.

1. This is a pulled thread stitch, there is supposed to be a hole in the center.
2. Pull the thread to the front of the fabric at the outside of the stich and to the back of the stitch in the center.
3. Pull Stitch tightly.
4. Work stitches around the circle in order and you gett a better hole at the center.
5. When moving from one eye to the next tuck threads under previous stitches on the back so they do not show through and obscure the holes created by the stitch pulling.

I finished off the first section by embroidering the date started and my initials in stem stitch.

The next band is coral stitch. I marked the spacing with a ruler, I think I will stick to counting threads instead of relying on a ruler. The next band is a running stitch, and then Herring Bone Stitch.

Here I worked several rows of Herringbone.

I am already have a few more bands done, but no pictures ready to post yet, so now I am off to stitch and I hope to post some more bands fairly soon.

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