Friday, August 20, 2010

Another quick check in

Tried working in yard without neighbor. Forgot gloves. Hands and arms ripped to shreds on weeds, it aint pretty. Don't know if I can get any crafting done till this heals up. Hands are also stained, I've tried soap, a soft facial pore brush and rubbing alcohol to get them clean. I think they are clean even though they look filthy, and the fingers are really rough from the small cuts and abrassions. I'm afraid I will stain fabrics/threads or snag them with these poor hard working hands of mine. I have my gloves right under my clippers for working in yard tonight. I'll see if someone can get a picture of them to remind me to never ever ever forget gloves to garden in ever again.

oh, and somehow through all the damage to the skin, I didn't break any nails. Whatever.

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Fox said...

Hi Kelly,
Thanks for visiting tat-ology! I came to your site to see who it was and laughed when I read about your cats, as I had just sent this in an an email to a tatting online friend:
"My whole life, I have had a cat as master..and I would not have it any other way!"
Had to send it along to another kindred spirit!
Fox : )