Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cats and some Tatting

First my other 2 cats. The grey kitty is Motoko, named for the cyborg anti-terrorist Major Motoko Kusinagi from the anime series and movies Ghost in the Shell. Here my little (or rather tubby) anti terrorist is protecting my knitting from any evil doers, you can barely see the knitting needles in front of her. She is a momma's girl and loves doing girl stuff with momma. Things like knitting, sewing, crochet, using power tools, and watching chick flicks, her favorite being Pride and Prejiduce with Jennifer Elle and Colin Firth.
Next up is Leo who helps me tat. I have no pictures of his idea of helping for fear that images might be too graphic for my fellow crafters. So, no tatting hanging from hims jaws, no threads neatly severed due to his chewing on them/tasting them, just a sleepy look.

And finally, the tatting. It is the field of clover doily from the Bestitched website and I am currently on round 3.
I may take a little break from it for a bit and work on something smaller then go back and finish the 3rd round. I love doilys but really don't have anyplace to put them. Plus with my little (tubby) orange tatting taster I'm not sure they are safe to have out.

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Sewicked said...

Four thoughts on doily 'use'; whether you can use any of them depends on your decorating tastes.

1) put them under a vase/lamp/anything that might scratch wood furniture with only a little bit peaking out. Hopefully that won't tempt Leo as much. Downside: you won't be able to see much of the tatting.

2) Frame them and put them on the wall, either singly or in groupings.

3) hang them in a window, out of Leo's reach, a la suncatchers. Check out Jane Eborall on Etsy to get some ideas.

4) put them in coasters (if they'll fit) or under glass on tables. See the pretty but don't touch.